Sisu M-series by XBS v 1.9.3 1.49

SISU M-series v1.0

SISU M-series v1.0

Sisu M-series – is a 2–4-axle forward control lorry model series made by the Finnish heavy vehicle producer Suomen Autoteollisuus (SAT) in 1969–1984. The series consists of 4×2-driven M-161, 6×2-driven M-162, 6×4-driven M-163 and 8×2-driven M-168. Typical applications were logging trucks, tankers and long-distance transportation haulers which pulled conventional and semi-trailers. The permissible payloads varied from ca. 9 tonnes up over 18 tonnes.

Standalone truck

3 cabins;
3 chassis: M-161 4×2, M-162 6×2 lift axle, M-163 6×4;
5 engines: Rolls Royce 265, Rolls Royce 320, Cummins NTA-290, Cummins VTA-370, Cummins NTC-400;
3 CHECKPOINTS: RTO-9508LLB (12+2), RTO-9513 (12+1),RTO-12513 (12+1);
Accessories in the cabin;
It is sold in Scania salons and at a mod dealer;

Technical Data about truck

Day CabSleeper cab
M-161 4x2M-162 6×2 lift axleM-163 6×4

Rolls Royce 265Rolls Royce 320Cummins NTE-290
Cummins NTE-370
Cummins NTE-400

RTO-9508LLB (12+2)RTO-9513 (12+1)RTO-12513 (12+1)

Tested on game version 1.38 – 1.46



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