Volvo FH2 FH3 1.38

Ability to select generation FHII-III.
This model was assembled from the best spare parts, you will not find at the race!
Two Globetrotter XL cabs (differ in the presence of a fairing)
Seven chassis options !!!
Your interior with animation.
The track is adapted for 1.44/1.45 and supports swapping.
Warning!! Bake 4K (High quality) so not suitable for low/mid end pc
Your sounds!


It is also possible to make your own lightbox and change the number!

Everywhere has its own light mask.

Own wheels included (6 front discs, 2 rear discs. 3 tire options)

Shadows, collision, a separate slot in a / s Volvo.

📌 What about tuning?

✔️ Additional Spoler.
✔️ Flashing beacons.
✔️ Road train sign.
✔️ Lightbar on the roof 4 options.
✔️ 1, 2 options (you can draw your own)
✔️ Additional headlights on the visor.
✔️ Visor, paint / plastic.
✔️ Front mirror.
✔️ Ability to remove or put nameplates on the hood.
✔️ Hood decals, 6 options.
✔️ Grille on the cab, paint / plastic.
✔️ FH16 moldings.
✔️ Country stickers, 15 options.
✔️ Bumper lightbars, 3 options
✔️ Lower grill, 4 options.
✔️ Number, it is possible to remove or leave only the frame, as well as make your own number.

Bumper mud flaps.
Bumper protection.
Bumper, 4 options.
Headlight protection.
Two optics options.
Additional flashlights.
Side skirts, 3 options.
Mirrors, 2 options.
Door handles, 4 options.
Wings, 2 options.
Side skirts + protection.

✔️ Red lights on spoler.
✔️ FH3 Visors.
✔️ FH3 cladding.
✔️ 5 choices for glass frame and mirror brackets.
✔️ Roof air conditioner.
✔️ Signal to the roof.
✔️ Side skirts on 6×2 chassis.
✔️ Orange horns on all chassis.
✔️ Possibility of painting the air intake.
✔️ 4 types of door handles.



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rar Volvo_1_45 417 MB
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