NPCs have names V1.0

NPCs have names V1.0

The point of this mod is to help with immersion. Please play the game how you would normally, ignoring most of these npcs lol Then when you do randomly talk to people, enjoy the different name and hopefully the added feeling of immersion if they are killed.

There are hundreds of new unique named npcs, but also there will be lots and lots of repeats through spawning, especially city crowds. For me, The main game has you doing the same cave system 8x in a row despite being on different planets, I can suspend belief for some names of inconsequential npcs. Though I do still want a name rather than nothing, which is why I made this mod for myself. The mod shines when you enter MAST for instance and all the functionaries and scientists have names, or when you go to terrabrew and the person behind the counter at least has a name.

This mod can be used along with the amazing souls of cities mod which will give random generated names to all the generic citizens. You will see much less repeats. That mod includes a perfomance setting in its configuration files if you have issues, as it adds much more than just names, including animation behavior, clothing physics, and facegen which does affect fps. “Npcs have names” on its own has no peformance impact due to only editing names.

I also use this mod alongside the incredible crew and companion overhaul mod with no issue. When using all three, load order would be,


This is very much a work in progress, There will be some misgendered names and possible name issues with spawned enemies. I’m considering taking enemies out of the mod. Once the CK2 becomes available, a more elegant solution will be made. Any issues that can be edited, I’ll be happy to do if brought to my attention in the comments. Also happy to hear your thoughts, would advise making a hard save then trying it out first.

To install, Use a mod manager and plugin.txt enabler

for manual texture mods, add these lines to your StarfieldCustom.ini in “Documents\My Games\Starfield\”


Download the mod, and place the data folder in the same folder, Documents\My Games\Starfield\



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