Drifter’s YATERISM (Yet Another Twitch and Expedition Rewards In Shop Mod)

Drifter's YATERISM (Yet Another Twitch and Expedition Rewards In Shop Mod)

This mod aims to balance the experience of putting Twitch and Expedition rewards in the QuickSilver shop. Some items are cheaper, some items are much more expensive. Basically I wanted a mod like this that makes it feel less Cheaty McCheatface to put the items in the shop. (… Cheaty McCheatface version available)

Things this mod does:

Adds unique Twitch and Expedition rewards to the Quincy shop (the ones that aren’t already in the shop or otherwise available)
Makes all modded items require at least some amount of community research (Tiers 1-4)
Alters the prices of the modded items to mostly be more expensive. Different versions with different prices (including free) available.

Version differences:

v1 Expensive
High prices (250-6875 QS)
Community research requirements for most items
v2 Cheap
Lower prices (60-1650 QS)
Community research requirements for most items
v3 Consumables Only
Only consumables in shop (currently only Atlas fireworks) for those who already have all the items but want to buy fireworks without the clutter.
v4 ‘Vanilla’
Makes this mod like all the other twitch/expedition rewards mods.
No community research requirement for all (mod) items
”Default” prices (most of these weren’t intended to be purchased, so they mostly have a default price of 3000)
v5 Cheat
No tier requirement for all (mod) items
All prices free (for mod items only)

Compiled with MBINCompiler This mod includes an optional lua script for use with AMUMSS. Edits:


If you have another mod that changes prices, you may want to download the vanilla version or use the lua file to combine mods.

Things you can easily change in the lua script:

Disable either Twitch or Expedition rewards (by campaign)
Edit price tiers if you don’t like how I balanced it (please let me know what I can do better if this is the case)
Community research tiers for different expedition phases/twitch watch times
… and Cheaty McCheatface options such as:
Disable the community research requirement for all items (doesn’t affect vanilla items)
Make all items free (doesn’t affect vanilla items)

And slightly less easy to change in the lua script (but still pretty easy):

Prices, community research tier requirements, etc. of individual items

Things on my to-do list:

Put the different versions in an OMOD for easy installation of whatever version you want with Vortex (might do, might not)
Add options to change prices of all Quincy items

I’m finally satisfied with the prices, but please let me know what you think about the balance and what I can do better!



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