Everything S Class and Max Inventory

Everything S Class and Max Inventory

Every procedurally generated ship, multi-tool, exocraft and freighter will be S class and have maxed inventory.

Also a living ship variation will be generated in every system. (Meaning a living ship will occasionally land on space station and will be buyable from it’s owner.)

17.06.2021 – v1.2.2 Update is now available.

-Compatiable with PRISMS (3.5x)
-Mod is updated to 3.53 game version.

While editing LUA file, DON’T set multi-tools’ default maximum slots over 24 otherwise game will just freeze during loading screen. (Game limit)

Compatiable with PRISMS (3.5x)


LUA script included. (You can rebuild this mod with AMUMSS in case it doesn’t work in the future.)



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