More Materials (ENDURANCE) v3.96

More Materials (ENDURANCE) v3.96

Options for increasing the amount of substances and/or products available from traders.

This mod increases the amount of substances (e.g. Oxygen), products (e.g. Microprocessor) or both, to 10 times the amount normally available to buy.

This mod DOES NOT modify the available items, just the quantity. Items available permanently are still there and random ones are still random.

1. Install with Vortex
2. Choose whether you want more substances, more products or both
3. Profit

This mod alters METEDATA\REALITY\DEFAULTREALITY.MBIN and therefor won’t be compatible with other mods modifying the same file!

LUA files for AMUMSS have been uploaded! Many thanks to Babscoole for his work in preparing these and his permission to upload them for all of you!



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