No Fall Damage – ORIGINS PATCH 3.05

No Fall Damage - ORIGINS PATCH 3.05

Do you love Jetpacking straight up into the air, flying across planets, jumping from the tallest mountain but get sad when your legs break on the way down?.
Then this mod is for you.

What this mod does:

Removes Fall Damage. (You will still receive the red flash indicating that its a fall you should have lost health from but you won’t actually lose any health)


Unzip the file.
Copy the NoFallDamage.pak file to No Man’s Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS (Create the folder if it doesn’t exist).
Or install it with Vortex.

Files Changed:
any mod changing this file will conflict with this one.

This mod was created with AMUMSS, lua file included.



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7z No Fall Damage3 KB
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