Better Substances Stack Size For Chests

Better Substances Stack Size For Chests

Changes the substances stack size for chests (ground or on freighters) from 9 999 to 99 999.

What does this mod do exactly ?

It changes the substances stack size for chests (ground or on freighters) from 9 999 to 99 999. As it is not a perfect 10x ratio, I had to change the base substance stack size from 9999 to 9, and adapt all different storage multipliers. This technical contraption is perfectly invisible.

Important note : if you remove this mod, please manually set all your stacks back to 9 999 maximum, as all stacks will be hard capped by the game, deleting all overflowing substances you may have.

Why ?

Currently, you can have a total of 200 chest slots (20 slots multiplied by 10 chests). To adapt to this small size, all chests stack sizes are four times the default inventory ones : that means, for instance, you can stack 20 Glass instead of 5, 40 Metal Platings instead of 10, and so on. However, the base substances, for instance Hydrogen, Carbon have the exact same 9999 stack size as in your pockets. Considering how big our bases and freighters can be, I always found frustrating not being able to store my industrial amounts of resources in one stack and have a clean storage layout.

How to install:

As all other mods, simply copy and paste the .pak file in your GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS folder and remove or rename the GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/DISABLEMODS.txt file. You can also use Vortex for a two-clicks installation.


Made and tested for game version Endurance 3.96, with modifications on the following files :


You can merge this mod with AMUMSS and the optional LUA file to make it compatible with any mods modifiying the same files.



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