Camera Enhancements V1.1

Camera Enhancements V1.1

This is simply a mod merge of three different mods that conflicted with each other:
– Minotaur Hardframe camera fix at No Man’s Sky Nexus by HowardCLH
– Nautilon alternate camera at No Man’s Sky Nexus by HowardCLH
– Enhanced Third Person Camera at No Man’s Sky Nexus by Wazora
All credits where credits is due.

It includes:
– Minotaur Left Camera View
– Nautilon Top Camera View
– Third Person Centered Camera View

This mod modifies GCCAMERAGLOBALS

Extract the .pak to [NMS installation path]\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS\
Delete or rename DISABLEMODS.txt from [NMS installation path]\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\



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