Exocraft Cannon FireRate Fix

Exocraft Cannon FireRate Fix

Hello, Tired of your Exocrafts cannon firing SLOWER when fully upgraded? Tired of that sweet S teir module making your gun fire 20% slower, instead of 20% faster?

well… so was i… so i fixed it…

Ingame will show as a Negative % (EX -20% Fire Rate) but guns will now fire faster by the listed rate shown on the module..

This is a pretty simple fix… the % is applied to the ExoCrafts Delay between shots.. a internal value of 1.20 is possible on S rank cannon mods, equating 120% mathematically. this is applied additively to the Delay, resulting in 20% ADDITIONAL DELAY. this quick fix does not address that math, as i did not find it in my search, however i was able to alter the %s to be a less than 100%.

For example. S Rank mod with a new internal Value of 0.80 Max.. this translates to 80%.. when added to the shot delay additively, this reduces the delay by a resulting 20%, resulting in a increased rate of fire equal to the intended base value.

I do hope Hello Games fixes the math behind Cannon Upgrade Modules. it is a pretty simple mathematical error. in the mean time this mod will give the intended result of the fire rate they can give.

This mod alters the following files,


and is therefore not compatible with any other mods that affect the same table.
it is a pretty easy fix however, so if you do have a mod that already affects this table, simply use this mod to see how VEHICLE_GUNRATE was changed.



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