Faster Text Display

Faster Text Display

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This mod displays the text faster when interacting with objects or aliens (NPCs).
If you leave the left mouse button pressed (player with keyboard/mouse)
then the text will be displayed even faster.

There are two versions:


Normal version


– Same function
– but adjusted and slightly slower delay values
– results in increased and maximum game compatibility


Place !ONE! of the downloaded ‘_MOD.faster.text.display*.pak’s (inside the zip file) in the No Man’s Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS folder. If the “MODS” folder don’t exist create it. An then delete the “DISABLEMODS.TXT” in the PCBANKS folder or move it to another folder or rename it. Otherwise no mods will be loaded!

Remove the ‘_MOD.faster.text.display*.pak’ from the No Man’s Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS folder

This mod is for other mods that change the following files are also not compatible:


09-08-2019 Faster Text Display release build ID 4165576
— minor change
— add _MOD.faster.text.display_compatibility.pak
— to avoid compatibility issues, because Hello Games has adjusted the speed of the text dialogs in the latest patch

08-30-2019 Faster Text Display release build ID 4153226
— minor change

08-29-2019 Faster Text Display *** Initial Release 4150715 *** BEYOND



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