No Mans Sky Performance Fixes

No Mans Sky Performance Fixes

This mod is now discontinued. The rendering has been messed up and there are too many lighting bugs. You are free to take apart the mod and modify it, or post it.

Put _NoMansSkyPerformanceFixerByThatsFluke.pak into the ..\No Man’s Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS directory. You may have to create the MODS directory if this is your first mod. Also, you must delete or rename the DISABLEMODS.TXT file in the PCBANKS directory for the game to load any mods. To uninstall (why would you) just delete _NoMansSkyPerformanceFixerByThatsFluke.pak .

List of things this effects:
Water (Fixes reflections, and also how it is displayed)
Industrial Machines (Lower geometry, because of all the machines you may have in a base! The one downside is, that you only get 1 pipeline.)
Lights (Fixes how lights project light, new way is less resource-intensive and also 100 percent of the time displays!)
Grass/Flora (Grass gets less dense the further away, and the Level of Detail is decreased on Flora and Grass the further, too.)
Depth of Field (Disabled, will add a version later with it enabled, but is really intense on resources)
Particles (Only disables some, that are resource intensive.)
Shadows (Removes some unnecessary shadows, and some that are GPU-intensive.)
Shaders (Faster shader calculation, by reducing the processing of them.)
The dumb fade effect between planets and space


Exosolar (Industrial Models)

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