Pathfinder Mod Pack

Pathfinder Mod Pack

This is a mod pack for people that are still playing the Pathfinder Update and want to use old mods that work with Pathfinder. This mod pack also includes instructions on how to downgrade to the Pathfinder Update on PC if needed. Most of the mods on this site only work for NEXT, so I’ve compiled some legacy mods in this pack that can be used with the Pathfinder Update. Some of the mods are not mine so credit goes to the respective authors.

Some of the best mods in this pack are the Megaliths mod which creates amazing giant stuff on planets, and also a Pulse Drive mod that makes it much easier to travel between planets. The Pathfinder Update, along with these mods, creates the best visual version of NMS ever created! Prepare to take lots and lots of pictures.

Here are a bunch of screenshots I took using recommended mods inside this pack:


Download speed is slow and the file is 450mb so please be patient

Read the instructions in the mod pack once it is downloaded


1.0: Initial release. I will include more mods in this pack if anyone wants to donate old mods that they have.



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