Bomber’s Natural Settlements

Bomber's Natural Settlements

Improved settlements! Makes settlements feel more natural with several tweaks to building times, population and decision timers, without feeling too cheat-y!

This Mod changes the following values:
– Settlement Building timers are now 10 seconds long.
– Settlement decisions occur much more commonly! Expect to be floored, overseer!
– Maximum settlement populations have been vastly increased! Note: This may cause an immediate effect on the population, with new NPC’s from other races appearing immediately.
– Settlement production now reflects the race and settlement wealth much more accurately. Poorer settlements may produce objects such as Launch Fuel or Warp Cells, whereas Richer settlements may produce more expensive equipment!
– Race choice now has much more importance in settlement choice! Gek settlements may be more agricultural, whereas Korvax settlements may produce scientific components and Vy’keen settlements may now produce unregulated weaponry upgrades.

This mod is divided into 3 primary modules, as well as a “complete” version.
Timers: Shorter Building Timers Only. Does not contain Production or Decision Changes.
Decisions: Reduced wait time for Decisions only. Does not contain Production or Timer changes.
Production: Changes to settlement production only. Does not contain Timer or Decision Changes.



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