Easy Build 1.1

Easy Build 1.1

I’m not a builder, more an explorer. So my bases were always small.
I was anyhow wondering why I could remove a piece of roof above me but not rebuild it as the game refused to snap the new piece at the old place.
I tried from several angle until I finally fly over and from that distant point, I was able to place it.
Indeed, something was wrong : snapping distance.

So this mod reduces minimum snapping distance.
It means you can now place items directly above, in front or next to you. No more do you need to step back to place an item.

Only one back side : placing walls could place a wall just before your face if you stand close to the wall snap position. To prevent this, always make a side step from the middle of a floor and aim in a slight diagonal. This way you will be able to place walls at different distances.

Optional mods:
– Increase your building camera distance with New Boundaries

– An AMUMSS .lua script is provided to merge this mod if needed as this mod can’t be used along any other mod editing GCBUILDINGGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN file.



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