G Save – Autosave on Timer

G Save - Autosave on Timer

Autosaves your game every 5, 10, or 30 minutes.

This mod creates an autosave feature that saves your game every specified number of minutes.

This mod works by updating what the game calls your “Manual Save” on the timer, so if you like to manage your saves to keep two at different points, you will need to start managing what the game calls your “Auto Save”.

This mod was tested, but please let me know if anything odd happens on a reload.

This is a slight tweak on Mjjstral ‘s mod, Savegame With Hotkey , and all the credit goes to them for figuring out how to do 99% of this. This is incompatible with Mjjstral’s other hotkey mod(s), as it works on the same premise. I doubt they could be cleanly merged, either; I would need to build a combined version.


Mjjstral and Gumsk

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