More Suit Terminal Upgrades V4.03

More Suit Terminal Upgrades V4.03

More Suit Terminal Upgrades lets you buy more than one suit upgrade at space stations, space anomaly, and outlaw space stations.

If you want to skip the tedious process of landing at space stations just to buy one suit upgrade, this mod is for you.

Manual Installation:
Drag the PAK file into your MODS folder.
MODS folder should be located in No Man’s Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS

Mod Edits:

Tutorial for Updating / Combining Mods:
Requirements : AMUMSS.
Step 1 : Run BUILDMOD.bat until AMUMSS and MBINComplier say they are up to date.
 : (If there are multiple updates, you might need to run it more than once.)

Step 2 : Place the lua scripts into AMUMSS\ModScript folder.
: (More than one lua script can be place in ModScript for combining them into one pak file)

Step 3 : Run BUILDMOD.bat, Answer the questions Y or N.
: No errors, warnings, or notice should be detected.
: If there are conflicts check the REPORT.lua file for the list of conflicts.
 : (Read the README – Creating a Patch for existing MOD PAKs.txt to learn how to make a patch for a lua script and mod pak file.)
 : (If you’re combining lua scripts that edit the same file but not the same lines, conflicts in ModScript folder can be ignore)

Step 4 : Open AMUMSS/CreatedModPAKs folder and copy the pak file to your NMS MODS folder.
: (This step is skippable if chosen Yes to copy to game’s MODS folder when running BUILDMOD.bat)


JustRuthless – maintenance by Babscoole and DarkScythe

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