Colored Monitors and Update decals

Colored Monitors and Update decals

This mod adds colored items for the different monitortypes in basebuilding,
also a whole new set of decals (posters) from all the NMS releases so far.

The missing cubewindow and table (L-shaped) are also re-added.

These are unlockable in the nexus basebuilding shop (see pics)

ColorMonitors and decals 3.13

Mod Info
– Added missing cubewindow and table (L-shaped)

– Added 5 colored items for al the monitortypes in basebuilding,
(Largedesk, Roofmonitor, Boxed Screen, Wallscreen and deskmonitor)
(Colors : Red, Green, Orange, Purple and Yellow.)

– Added decals, ‘posters’ from all the current NMS releases

– rearanged some items in the basebuildshop tree in the nexus

– Added 2 new unlockable item trees in the basebuildshop. (nexus) (just scroll through the tabs) one for the monitors and one for the decals (see pics)

– Added more specific discription tags for certain items

Files that change:



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