NEW vackillers reshader Preset

NEW vackillers reshader Preset

***DISCLAIMER*** Reshade 5.1.0 doesn’t appear to be working or is buggy. Use 4.9.1 instead for now

After a lot of tweaking, I’m trying to get the colors back to how they worked with Reshade before the Atlas Rises update came out which is when Hello Games completely changed how the Shaders work in the game and then Introduced Vulkan later on. The idea of this compared to my older ReShade is to bring back the whites a bit, bring the colours out just a bit more and make nights a bit brighter as some feedback from my previous preset was too dark at night. I’ve tweaked the levels to bring back white as well as clarity to change some exposure and gamma settings. Hope you all enjoy! I’ll add some comparison screenshots with my previous shader aswell. Hope you enjoy it.

This Reshade Preset adds the following effects:

Levels (changed the white and black points to bring back whites to the shader for more pop)
Used Photo-Mode DOF effect for DOF screenshots


Install ReShade, make sure you choose Vulkan when asked and install/select all effects. Move the VAC 2.ini file from the download to your binaries folder in No Mans Sky game folder. Then just select the reshade preset in-game. (im assuming anyone who downloads this does indeed know how to install reshade and reshade presets)

Can be a heavy performance cost. Up to 10-12FPS
(You’re Mileage on this may vary depending on hardware and resolution. DLSS does make this easier to maintain framerates now)


Full credit goes out to Cybercyrus from ALL those years ago who helped me get on track with reshade presets. Thank you buddy

My PC Specs:

AMD Ryzen 5900X @4.7ghz
32GB RAM 3600mhz
RTX 2080 (non super)
Windows 10 Pro.

Playing the game at 1440p resolution with DLSS on Balanced



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