Almost Perfect Traders V1.4

Almost Perfect Traders V1.4

Modifies AI Ships Outpost / Planetary Archive / Station Approach and Landing Settings.

Ships are expensive! So, why do they slam into outpost / planetary archive and station docking bays like they’re nothing important?

NB: There is now a combined version of Almost Perfect Flight + Almost Perfect Traders as this gives the best experience under optional files.

This has annoyed me enough to make this mod which should ensure AI Traders now land gently. Hopefully sequenced so that their respective landing gear open in just enough time to land without falling from 10-15u up in the air πŸ˜€

It changes settings so that outposts / planetary archives and stations ‘feel’ much more alive and bustling with activity. There should be a faster turnaround of ships arriving and leaving these locations.

It also changes two settings for Pirate attacks but only effects Outposts / Planetary Archives, so ship hunters will have an easier time rather than having to deal with pesky pirate attacks every few minutes. (If requested i can make a version without this).

Coupled with Almost Perfect Flight these two work well together πŸ™‚

Here are some of the changes this mod makes in no particular order:

Minimum circle time before landing is reduced
Minimum time between outpost landings is reduced
Try to fill up outposts
Docking wait distance
Docking landing time
Outpost dock approach speed
Outpost dock approach distance
Landing tip angle (normal/long)
No Pirate attacks (outposts, archives).

Modifies the following MBINs:
so is incompatible and will need merging, with any other mods that change these files.



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