Colorful Starfields 2.0

Colorful Starfields 2.0

Enhances star colors

I made this mod a long time ago and never touched it so far as it was a shader based mod at that time, but thanks to Sebastony, who reminded me we could edit star colors in the globals, it can be revived again.

What it does is basicaly improving star colors (RGB) and transparency (A) to make each of them more noticeable particulary in the distance.

Of course, there’s an AMUMSS script so you can tweak colors to your kind and I also included a colorblind version with color values I developped in the past for a colorblind player if it can still be of any use today.

– Check if this mod is compatible with latest game version
– This mod edits and is thus not compatible with any mod editing GCGALAXYGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN file
– A .lua script is also provided to merge this mod with any other AMUMSS script modifying the same file.



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