Creature Harvest Multiplier

Creature Harvest Multiplier

Increases the amount of creature products obtained per harvest and reduces the cooldown time between harvests.

This is a small mod which multiplies the number of creature products (i.e. milk, leopard-fruit, etc.) obtained per harvest by 100 (so small creatures = 100 products per harvest, large = 200, extra large = 300, instead of 1, 2, and 3 respectively). It also reduces the cooldown between harvests to 2-5 sec, so you can more easily harvest from the same animal repeatedly.

The ZIP file contains both the PAK and the Lua. Compatible with OUTLAWS 3.88. Modifies GCCREATUREGLOBALS.MBIN, so you will need to use AMUMSS if you use another mod modifying the same file.



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