«No Man’s Sky: Fantasy Reborn» is a full game overhaul changing every aspects of the base game ( Visuals, Camera, Gameplay Improvements, Procedural Generation Revisited, Dynamic biomes files generation, Models Rework, Additional models ( procedurally generated by the game) , Additionnal Gameplay features, And Bonus Spaceships and Multi-tools only available with the mod )


– Remove any previous versions of my mods ( this is important )
– First time modding the game ?

o Create a “MODS” folder at this location:

[your game folder] / GAMEDATA / PCBANKS /

o Remove the “disablemods.txt” from this location: *

[your game folder] / GAMEDATA / PCBANKS /

Drag the «MODS» folder into
[your game folder] / GAMEDATA / PCBANKS

* When removing this file you will enable mods for the game. A warning will now trigger at the start of the game notifying that mods are enable.



That pak is optimised for 8G Ram

– removes the spaceship trails ( unless you chose to use one you got in the Anomaly shop ) it also turns the engine flares to orange ( instead of blue )
– changes space colors into more realistic space colors , with black space and stars, nebulas, colors rework.
– is an alternative version of the one above. This will change space colors into more cartoony/artworky space colors , with dark-blue space and stars,nebulas, colors rework.
– reates light reflexions and wave on water surface.
– improves skies colors diversity and add relastic dusk colors.
– changes the amount of frog, the distance of visible space objects in the horizon and add a depth of field blur. Note that when you will use the photomode, you have to activate «depth of field» located in the «lens» tab.
– changes the color filters on planets into more brighter ones
– removes speedlines effects and make the spaceship’s pulse warp more clear. ( no asteroids and speed effects spaming )
– reduces the amount of visual effects during storms. Vanilla storms can be very blinding sometimes.
– changes the game menu backgrounds. With more interesting image to look.
– modify every camera positions of the game. Note that it easy the mining from an exocraft. It improves the warp between systems animation. It will also make every camera have a larger FOV.

This pak is an alternative version of the core, it changes the color filters on planets into E3 demo looking ones.

This pak is an alternative version of the core. This pak will also remove the camera shake effects in most situations. Though they will still exist for massive evvents, like sandworms merge, volcanic eruptions pain shake, etc…

This pak add gold parts to S-Class ( Royale and Squid ) spaceships

– NMSFVI-VISUALS-Metallic_Spacaships
This pak adds shiny metalic parts to spaceships and makes Sentinels spaceships fully shinny gold.

New game bonuses

Pick the spaceship and multitool you want using the documentation given in the archive.

This will replace the default multitool and spaceship that you have when starting a new game. This spaceship and multitool will be save even without the mod. So you can use it once if you only want one of the spaceships.


Skins are part of «NMSFVI-FANTASY-REBORN-CORE» pak and you can chose which race you want to start as.

Skins are only visible with the mod and dont affect your save. Unless you edit the skin in tje char customisation.

– it replaces the default characters presets.
– It replaces the default Colossus exocraft.
-It replaces the default Colossus exocraft

«NMSFVI-FANTASY-REBORN-CORE» also changes gameplay aspects, it:
– modifies exocrafts handling. With specific advantageq for each exocrafts. Headlights are
also boosted.
– reduces exocrafts build cost.
– increases all hyperdrives ranges for every upgrades. It also increase all jet pack capacity
for all upgrades. ( Mech jet pack included ) Rocket boosts are more efficient and are an
ignition for flying. All lauch cost are reduced. Basic Warp cells can be used 5 times.
– improves characters animations. Player turns faster on himself, Jetpack flight is more
controlable for flying around ( i suggest to combine this pak with «NMSFVI-GAMEPLAY-
EXPLORATION-BUFFS» ) Player deaths have more visble ragdoll animations..
Player speed is increased while jetpacking ( in air and on water) , swiming, and shielding.
– makes player and exocrafts mine faster. Since it changes directly objects health, it is
compatible with other gameplay mods.
– allows to build more freely, and resize more base parts. It has placement fixes.
Underwater builds can be created on planet surface. Decoration can be used verywhere,
which allows you to decorate your settlement. Lights decorations auto-power for that
reason. Electro-magentic power generator give power without fields around, as a small
cheat for anti-DIY guys.
– makes your settlements people give you quest.
– improves default body shapes in the customiser, and add in-between ones. ( works for
faces too )
– makes on-foot combat with sentinels more intense. Their weapon system is reworked to
be more dynamic, and their AI is improved in a way they dodge attacks more efficiently
and look for being in player’s back.
– makes space combat more dynamic. Space enemies fly faster, dodge more efficiently
and have more intense fire-power. Pirates have stronger health.
– gives additional interactions to base decorations.
– Large Computer Desks are signal scanners.
Shelf storage , Lockers, Worktops, & Draws, opens character customization.
– Beds & Light Tables are save points.
– Screen monitors open NPC’s missions’ interface.
– Weaponrack allows to infinitly buy new multitools (the seed depends on the
– Plants pot decoration generates Sodium, Salt, Carbone, or Oxygen.
– Fan Ventilation generates Oxygen.
– Roof Monitors & Robotic Arm infinitly open upgrade suit interface. ( same costs
that on space stations) .
– Collect All ferrite substances in Large Flat Crates.
– Collect Silver, Copper, Platine &more in Cubic Crates.
– Collect Chromatic Metal, Ionised Cobalt,Nanites and more in Freighters Hangars
– Collect Chore on sea plants Decorations
8- Adds interactive objects in tradding posts ( portal, save table, char customisations,
exocrafts geobays including unreleashed hidden «Dragonfly» exocraft. )
– Adds interactive objects in freighters hangars ( ship customization, trade terminal, nexus
portals )
This pak is an alternative version of the core. This pak have a version of the mech exo-suit
that is gigantic. It includes the other exocrafts changes and the cameras overhaul adapted
for the Giant Mech.
This pak changes spaceships controls. It allows them to perform hover on planet surface, to
reach boost speed without pressong the booster. Max speed is higher for every ships.
Pulse warp is 4 times faster than the vanilla ones.
– _NMSFVI-GAMEPLAY-Player-movements-Rework-walk-version
This pak is an alternative version of the core. In that version the player will always walk.
( Not recommanded if you prefer play in first person. )

Challenging difficulty

This pak makes hazardous flora more difficult to see and to avoid. They also do more

This pak makes collision with asteroids lethal.

Generation overhaul

«NMSFVI-FANTASY-REBORN-CORE» also changes the procedural generation. It:
– improves flight animations, and behaviours. Pets behaviour improvements. Sandworm
overhaul. Sandworms slide on planet surface, spawn more often, take dmg and loot bones.
– increases creatures render distance / apparition. And changes the way they spawn.
– makes planets have more variety of species on planet surface.
– makes derilic freighters missions have procedural crash sites.
– increases traffic, adds additional spaceships ( like the E3 sentinel Trident ). Sentinels
spaceships are roaming on planets and space. Every pirates have fighters type spaceships.
Freighters have personal defence small freighters. The Normandy can be encountered in
space. Asteroids field are reworked with a better LOD and are more parse. Asteroids
spwan more often rare items.
– adds more water colors possibilities.
– improves planets surface textures and add variations to them.
– tweaks the game color generation to match E3 demo planet and spaceships colors.
– places E3 buildings in the planets. It will rework the wordstones into more fantasy inspired
ones. (using E3 demo models )
– improves the vanilla biomes with more fantasy vibes and diversity. Note thay this pak
doesnt move quest required objects.
This pak is an alternative version of the core. That allows more giant creatures. ( Creatures
will be massive when combined with «NMSFVI-GENERATION-PLANETS-FAUNA-
This pak will slighty change spaceships ( Fighters, Scientists, squid and Freighters ) with
additional procedural spaceships parts.
This pak will transform Trading posts into Large buildings. ( Can be performance hitting )
This pak will slighty transform terrain shapes with more variations and geometrical shapes.
Thoses one can be removed with the terrain manipulator. ( you can switch to vanilla terrain
generation anytime )

This pak will transform planets’portal sites into a E3 style one. Since, those ones are larger
you might not be able to use that pak if you have a base near a portal.

This pak will make NPCs freighters be present in low atmosphere.

This pak will increase planet density. Flora, rocks, trees will be more close from each others.
Warning this pak is not recomanded as it can cause stability issues on rare very dense

Constructs support

This pak will enable Constructs mod ( only for «_NMSFVI-GENERATION-PLANETS-

– Download «Constructs» Mod sepratly
Note that this is a Visions version, so do not use the spawner given with ‘Constructs’

– place the file called «_MOD.MSSP.ConstructsVisions.Core.pak» in the Mods
Folder’s root.

You can leave it there, it will not be loaded until you both have the «__NMSFVI-

*** Remove « __NMSFVI-CONSTRUCTS-RETRO-SPAWNER» when you remove
the «_MOD.MSSP.ConstructsVisions.Core.pak»



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