Fewer Fauna

Fewer Fauna

Greatly decreases the presence of planetary fauna throughout the galaxy.

Contrary to my other mod, Moar Creatures, this mod was made by request to reduce the amount of fauna on each planet. This mod is handy if you dislike seeing the same creatures on repeat or if you want planetary life to be a more special find. In version 1.0 you’ll see an average of 0-2 species per planet, a 90-95% decrease from vanilla. There are 2 files:

Fewer Species – Reduces the number of creatures per planet by 90-95%
Fewer Fauna Spawns – Reduces creatures’ spawn frequency by 90%

**Both of these files can be used either together or stand-alone.



Download mod

File File size
zip Fewer Species 4 KB
zip Fewer Species (5 Percent) 4 KB
zip Fewer Fauna (0.5 Percent) 786 B
zip Fewer Fauna 785 B
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