Fly Dangerous V1.2

Fly Dangerous V1.2

This mod complete changes the vanilla flight behavior.

Hovering at 0 U on planets ( almost close to a complete stop in space) .
Increased speeds on (pulse drive, on planet , in space and during combat, depending on the ship class and modules installed).
Enhanced maneuverability (depending on the ship class and modules installed).
Smooth landings.
Landing on rough terrains ( mountains or rough slopes).
Ultra low flight (very close to the ground and water surface).
Instant pulse drive (u can instantly engage the pulse drive no countdowns, also in closer proximity to planets, freighter, nexus and Stations).
More accurate alignments to targets (POIs, Space Stations, etc..).
Smoother landing approaches to ( planets, Stations, freighter and nexus).
Boosting is now possible at close proximity to stations , fighters and nexus.
No engine trails and no speed lines when pulsing.


Pyronox Omega

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