Natural Nights 2.0

Natural Nights 2.0

This mod is an update version of Degraaaff’s Natural Nights as Degraaff now has less time to update his mods.

As we originaly discussed together about making this mod the new Darker Nights, we finally offered our 2 different versions of night mods.
But as time passed and I playtested Natural Nights, I finaly feel his mod is better and that’s why I offered him to maintain this mod.

So here it is, enjoy darker nights, no overbright blue tint, no flashy night water foam and using your torch light again.


This mod is provided in 2 versions:
– standalone
– combined with Integrated Planets

– You can find if this mod is compatible with latest game version on this page
– This mod modifies the following files : GCSKYGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN and GCWATERGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN



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