No Man’s Sky Odyssey Origins

No Man's Sky Odyssey Origins

This project is a game overhaul. I am doing mods for NMS since 3 years now. I made several game overhauls in the past. The most recent being NMS FANTASY SYNTHESIS.
This project is the same type of project with modular parts, and constant updates. It will feature Quality of life improvements, Visual overhauls & a brand new world generation

This project will be filled over time as i progress in creating the new mods for this project or updating the old ones for the Origins Update.


–> Visual overhauls pack
- Menu Rework
- Depth of Fields effects ( still under update)
- Binocular visor tints
- Redmas Colors filters
- Realistic water

–> Gameplay Pack
- Mining Speed x 10
- Mining Speed x5
- Easier Exploration
- More Build options
- Easier Exocrafts Deployement
- Bigger Inventories (+ Easier Exocrafts Deployement )

–> World Generation pack *

( * incoming features )

-> Drag the “MODS” Folder from this Archive into this location ‘YourGamePath/NMS/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS’
-> Remove “disablemods.txt” if it exists inside ‘YourGamePath/NMS/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/’


Redmas Aka Space Pirate

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zip NMSoO Visual Pack7 MB
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