OpenBiomeExtender a.k.a. OpenBE

OpenBiomeExtender a.k.a. OpenBE

A restructure of the game’s biomes to improve modding.

The screenshots are examples of modules for OpenBE. OpenBE on its own is a generic mod intended to be used with other modules.

OpenBiomeExtender is a foundation mod to help modders collaborate and avoid conflicts and redundancy. It’s open source. You’re free to modify and redistribute it however you want.

Want to make a mod that uses OpenBE? Check out the Sample Modules and the documentation. You can also join the No Man’s Sky Open Source Discord server to ask questions and collaborate with other modders.

What does this mod do?

For players

Compatibility: This mod encourages modders to add their biome changes to a unified pool via scripting. Most, if not all, module scripts should be able to be run together and compiled into a unified patch.

Customization: You can pick and choose which modules you want in your game.

For modders:

Layered System: All the game’s object lists have been split into their four sections (DistantObjects, Landmarks, Objects, DetailObjects). Now, if you just want to add a new tree model, you can just drop the object list into a biome’s Landmarks layer for the game to pick from. Now, your Landmarks can be combined with other vanilla or modded object lists in other layers.

Consolidates redundant biomes: Combines subtypes that otherwise don’t have a unique palette, name, etc. into one biome file, allowing us to combine more of the game’s object lists through the layered system.
For more info, check out the README.



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