Redmas Design Overhaul V12.12

Redmas Design Overhaul V12.12

A collection of the models and designs rework that I did for No Man’s Sky. Applying all paks will give a full design revision of the whole game. ( everything is modular ). Note that i always use ingame assets.
They can be revived unused assets ( which means that i had to do work to make them usable in the game ) , rescaled or dynamically created custom models.
Which explains why my paks are so small sized. ( I create new from the existing – Like Lego sets 🙂 )

Note that this mods pack have its own biomes generation.

Reminder of my currently working biomes generation ( I actually can create many different looking ones with RGOG Framework )
You have to use only one at once: ( they are listed by order of amount of changes to the biomes, from small changes to lot of changes )
– __BIOMES-GENERATION-EUPHORIA-CORE-no-skyBiomes-alternative-version-by-_redmas

Manual Install:

Step 1 :
– Make sure to rename or delete the file called “DISABLEMODS.TXT” located in ‘[GAMEPATH]\No Man’s Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS’
( On steam, you can access your game path by right clicking on the game name in your library, then select: property / Local files / browse files )

Step 2 :
– Create a “MODS” Folder at this location ‘[GAMEPATH]\No Man’s Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\’ and place the downloaded .pak files in it.



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File File size
zip RDO-12-12 100 MB
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