No Man’s Sky Euphoria – A Redmas Game Overhaul V12.12

No Man's Sky Euphoria - A Redmas Game Overhaul V12.12

About No Man’s Skyh Euphoria.
It took literaly 2 years to achieve this mod idea from concept to polished version. Also this is just an update of a 7 years long modding project. A fan-made update for No Man’s Sky. I am Fully working solo on the project since No Man’s Sky Next.
The particularity and the complexity of Euphoria is that it uses a singe script in lua ( RGOG Framework ) able to create any of its paks, but more interrestingly, create any mod.

The content ( in short ):

– an overhaul of the gameplay, with quality of life changes, additional fonctionalities, advanced base building, vehicules and spaceships controls rework, characters movements rework, camera rework etc & new vehicles : the ball exocraft and the dragonfly exocraft , which is customisable in game.
– a visual overhaul enhancing all visuals & creatures behaviours & the game menus
– new generations overhaul for the creatures, planets ( have near unlimited possibilities ) , space & spaceships
– exclusive characters skins & vehicules designs

( everything is easily updatable from one base game update to another. )

All versions are designed to work with _MOD.MSSP.ConstructsVisions.Core.pak placed inside your mods folder – it is just a pak of models, with that pak alone CONSTRUCTS mod is not loaded, but my generation paks are using geometry from it ( – it is possible to disable it in the lua version – don’t use the deprecated spawner pak given with CONSTRUCTS mod – RECONSTRUCTS is not required ( it does the same thing than my generations paks were doing ( aka adding collisions, enhanced textures and new interactions, but they do in different ways ) ))

Manual Install:

Step 1 :
– Make sure to rename or delete the file called “DISABLEMODS.TXT” located in ‘[GAMEPATH]\No Man’s Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS’
( On steam, you can access your game path by right clicking on the game name in your library, then select: property / Local files / browse files )

Step 2 :
– Create a “MODS” Folder at this location ‘[GAMEPATH]\No Man’s Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\’ and place the downloaded .pak files in it.



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zip NMSE-12-12 105 MB
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