(OBSOLETE) Exocraft sparking noise fix

(OBSOLETE) Exocraft sparking noise fix

Hello games has fixed the bug in the “Expedition Seven: Leviathan” update.
I’m leaving this mod up in case anyone is playing on older versions or the issue comes back.

Since the sentinels update, many players have described a bug causing constant sparking noise from their exocraft or starships.
This mod just replaces the audio files in question with sweet, sweet silence.
Note that these audio files are shared with the paralysis mortar stun SFX (shouldn’t be a big deal as those sounds are annoying anyway).
This is intended as a band-aid fix until the developers finally decide to do something about it after 2+ months.

Enjoy being able to play again without a fly buzzing in your ear!

Extract to “[No Man’s Sky Installation Path]\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS”
Delete DISABLEMODS.txt from [No Man’s Sky Installation Path]\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS



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