No Man’s Nomad

No Man's Nomad

Removed the “not wheels” and their clunky arms from the Nomad Exocraft for a clean hover-bike style look.

Ever thought how cool the Nomad would look without those wheel-but-not-really things dangling underneath? Like a proper sci-fi hoverbike, yes, it does. So I went and disabled those bits from the model and now you can enjoy that awesome look!

Simple .pak installation, affects only model-specific files so it should be compatible with anything else that doesn’t directly alters those same models.
Handling mods for exocraft should not cause conflicts, provided they don’t also alter the Nomad’s visual model.

Mod also reduces the scale of the turret gun/tool so it doesn’t clip into the body as much, engine also slightly reduced.


Credit where it’s due to LazMonk and his gun/engine rescale mod

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