AMJM Transport V1.4.0.8

AMJM Transport (beta)

Beta disclaimer: So far this mod was only tested by myself. If you decide to give it a try at this point it’s likely that you’ll run into bugs I missed. Wait a week or two if you want a more polished experience.

Buy your own customizable wagon or stagecoach.
Go to the general store in any town, approach and target the owner for the “Available jobs / Wagons” promt to come up.
The menu should come up where you can chose from several wagons or stagecoaches. After choosing one, leave the store and find the wagon outside to customize it. There you can confirm your purchase or leave the wagon and go back to the store to chose another one.
Once you own a wagon you can change it’s customization options any time at the store for free.
If your wagon is not nearby or missing it’s horses you can recover it for a fee. However, if you wreck it, it’ll be gone for good and you need to buy a new one.

The wagons spawn in somewhat of a remote location to avoid spawning on top of something else, a wagon wheel blip shows it’s location on your world map if you’re not sure where to find it.

Delivery jobs
You can also find delivery jobs at general stores.
There are two types:
– “Supply delivery jobs” where you need to use your own wagon to transport things.
– “Wagon driver jobs” where you get a job wagon that you need to take. (you can’t use your own wagon for this type)

How a delivery job is done:
When you accept a job you’ll see a blip on your map marking the place where you have to load the supplies into your wagon. You’ll also see a blip for you job wagon if it’s that type of job. Park your wagon nearby and the prompt to load your wagon should come up.
After that, a new blip should mark you destination. Drive your wagon there and use the prompt to unload your wagon. The job is completed at this point, you can talk to the store owner at your destination to pick up your payment, or pick it up later at a train station / post office. (you get a few bucks more if you pick it up in person)
For now there is no GPS so pay attention where you’re supposed to go when selecting a job.

Passenger transport jobs
You can find these jobs in hotels / saloons (same as above, approach and target the owner / barkeep).
There are also two types:
– “Passenger transport jobs” where you have to use your own stagecoach.
– “Stagecoach driver jobs” where you use a borrowed stagecoach for the job. (can’t use your own)

How a stagecoach job is done:
Once you accepted the job find your passengers (they’re usually upstairs, check your map for blips). They should follow you to your stagecoach and get in with you.
Drive them to their destination. Once you’re there, park your stagecoach near the blip that marks the “drop off” spot, then use the prompt that comes up to confirm the destination. After that, you can get out and take your payment from every passenger one by one (stand close and target them for the prompt). They’ll only hang around for a short time, if you don’t take their payment you’ll be able to pick it up later at a post office / train station in any town. (They give you a few extra bucks if you take it from them in person)

Failing a job usually results in having to compensate your employer for the trouble you caused. (the fine is very low for now in case you fail jobs due to bugs)

Pick up you payment / pay your fines at train stations / post offices.
If you didn’t pick up your payment in person after completing a job or you have a fine to pay you can do it at train stations / post offices. (for now I only tested this in mayor towns, might work at other places too) Walk up to a station clerck and target them for the prompt to come up.

You can set in the ini if you want to get jobs to New Austin or not. (turned on by default)

Future plans: More locations, more wagons, immersion stuff (passengers chatting, voice lines for you employer, etc…), events on the road (hitchhikers, attacks…), companions / guards, multiple wagon caravans, maybe more job types…

Locations currently in the mod:
Valentine – General store, Hotel, Train station
Strawberry – General Store, Welcome center, Post office
Rhodes – General store, Saloon, Train Station
Saint Denis – General Store, Saloon (the fancy one), Train Station
Van Horn – Store/Fence, the Depot (where you can rent a room – stagecoach mission at the Post office guy…)
Annesburg – Gunsmith, Train stations (stagecoach missions at the train station)
Blackwater – General store, Saloon
Armadillo – General store, Saloon
Tumbeweed – General store, saloon

Known issues:
– English is not my first language so if any text in the menu is incorrect or awkwardly phrased I’m open for suggestions 🙂
– some of the cargo models don’t fit the wagons perfectly (stuff floating or clipping into the wagon), I’ll sort it out
– the “lights” customization option is not working for now
– jobs don’t persist though quitting the game
– when you load the game your wagon will be where it was when you quit the game, it doesn’t teleport with you, like your horse
– probably a bunch more I can’t think of right now…

Download AM&JMTransport.rar, extract it and drop the files into your Red Dead Redemption 2 game folder.

You’re going to need Script Hook By Alexander Blade.


Some of the “own a wagon” part of the code was straight lifted from opsedar’s Stash That Wagon mod. Big thanks for him for all his work and especially for open sourcing them <3

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