Annihilator Assault Rifle V1.0

Annihilator Assault Rifle V1.0

New standalone rifle! This one has 43 weapon customisations. You can make different iterations of the weapon to suit your desires! Weapon comes in standard and legendary edition. You craft weapons at Industrial Workbench, and all upgrades are on Weapons Workbench. I hope you will enjoy!

Background on the weapon:
Annihilator because it shoots tons of bullets. Rate is between AA99 and Microgun.
This weapon is not designed for “silent” gameplay, and as such I have removed supressors for it.
This is a weapon for SWAT aka “go hard or go home gameplay”.

Standard weapon is unlocked at Industrial WB at level 20!
Legendary weapon is unlocked at level 30!

– It is SUPER stable! I made this one to have really really tiny recoil. 0.01!

– BOTH weapons have “any quality tag” which means that:
weapon IS NOT THE SAME if you craft it at level 20 or level 100!

IF you craft weapons at level 20 and 30, then their damage will be lowest.
if you craft them at level 100, their damage will be HIGHER.

So… if you start new game and craft this weapon at level 20,
after you level up a lot, make sure to craft it again! This applies to both standard and legendary versions!

The details:
This weapon has 43 customisations!
4 Barrels (Long,short,stabilizing, multishot)
Multishot is just super upgrade and is very expensive! (makes you shoot 10 projectiles)

9 Receivers:
Vanilla model I made, with no glow effects
Blue glow, Blue glow blinking, red glow, red glow blinking, yellow glow, green glow, cyan glow, purple glow

(I know, some glow effects are too bright, if someone doesnt like glow effects, there is always vanilla no glow option for every part of the gun)

14 Laser Sights:
7 recon, 7 standard. Choose all colors possible! Customise your weapon base on your preference!

6 Scopes:
1 Reflex, 1 vanilla long scope, 4 variants of glow versions!

3 Stock

3 Magazines (+50 ammo mag, +100 ammo mag, +150 ammo)

4 Internal Mods (Hair trigger, high powered, super velocity, superfast hair trigger)

Also IMPORTANT info:
I wanted this weapon upgrades to be completely standalone, but they werent showing in workbench.
so I had to add AA99 KEYWORD. That means you will see all above upgrades shown on AA99 weapons..

Legendary weapon effects:
Uses 11mm ammo
200 default fire rate
default mag = 90 bullets
range 44
Berserker: does more dmg the less armor enemy has.
Hitman: +15% damage while aiming
NEW EFFECT: Assault “after a kill, gain 15% movement speed for 15 seconds”.


1. Download with manager or manually.

2. Inquisitor_AnnihilatorAssaultRifle.esm is inside:

3. Activate Inquisitor_AnnihilatorAssaultRifle.esm inside plugins.txt at app data.

4. Make sure that:
Users\** your username **\Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data

Make sure your StarfieldCustom.ini has this:

” [Archive]
sResourceDataDirsFinal= ”



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