Another Horse Overhaul Mod V1.03.222

Another Horse Overhaul Mod V1.02

Adds over a hundred ambient horse coats to the game and features various quality of life improvements

I really like my ambient horses mod but I wanted to make improvements to it in areas that it fell short in before. Here’s some of the changes below:

– Stables now have unique horse coats again. This part of the mod is optional, so feel free to use other horses in their place.
– I got permission to add in the mod “No More Horse Breeds” to my mod so now the stat cards, compendium, and inspect prompt won’t display incorrect information
– Foals now spawn in the wild and in pastures; rarely. If you don’t wish to use foals, delete ambientpedmodelsets and metapeds.
– Van der Linde gang members and other special characters now ride unique horses again. This part of the mod is optional, so feel free to use other horses in their place
– More draft horses, including a Friesian with a model provided by bolju (used with permission).
– Fifty or so more ambient horse coats with custom textures, these ones should serve to be unique but also shouldn’t stand out too much while playing
– I have bigger plans for the future of this mod, so as always: stay tuned
– Removed the shine effect applied to horses, if for some reason you prefer the shine delete the files for p_c_horse_01_merge. Thanks to KristianD3 for making this part of the mod.

The “metapeds” file is only for the foal portion of the mod, if you wish to use this there is a very simple tutorial to merge this file inside!
Also includes a merge tutorial for assets_albedo and ambientpedmodelsets

Once it’s merged this mod should be compatible with every mod except some that edit horse textures. (Though, let me know if you have issues with manifest conflicts)

Known Bugs:
– Most horses ridden or driven by NPCs as well as wild horses will default to a beautiful Bay when saved as your own. There is currently no way around this, if you wish to save a specific coat you will need to download the individual file for said horse and replace a different horse with the coat you want

-This is significantly larger than any other mod I’ve made so there’s bound to be some errors, if you find any: let me know. Do try to make sure that you are able to replicate any bugs you find and ensure that it isn’t due to another mod, otherwise, I appreciate any constructive feedback.

Fixed Bugs:
– Hopefully fixed the bug with invisible horses during the Native American missions
– Fixed a foal being ridden during “No, No, and Thrice No” as well as the one being used by Pinkertons in Blackwater. Also fixed a random encounter not appearing that previously involved a foal

Install Instructions: Drop the Another Horse Overhaul folder into your LML folder. Make sure everything is up-to-date and resolve conflicts

Individual files: Use this to get a particular horse you want
Installation instructions: Drop the folder that contains Install.xml in your LML folder. All files not in that folder should go into LML > stream, except the one for foals.

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