Better Horses V1.4

Better Horses

This mod will increase the stats of certain horse breeds and a few unique horses to have the potential to reach maximum stats.
Basically at max bonding and with proper horse equipment and speed bonus from races they will have 10/10 in all stats (Speed, Acceleration, Health and Stamina). Multi-Class horses will also have Elite handling now.
The idea is to buff unique horses in the game that practically only you can own.
The new stats will apply regardless if you already own the horses, if you spawn them, buy them or tame them.

Horses affected by this mod:

Missouri Fox Trotters
Tiger Striped Bay Mustang
Mahogany Bay Tennessee Walker

Lenny’s Mod Loader is required for this mod to work.

Install Instructions:
Copy ‘Better Horses’ folder into ‘lml’ folder



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