Andreja – Kiss of the Serpent – Outfit V1.0

Andreja - Kiss of the Serpent - Outfit V1.0

Andreja – Kiss of the Serpent – Outfit
Va’Ruun Themed, UHD, remaster of Andreja’s standard outfit.

What it is:

My personal Va’Ruun retexture for Andreja’s outfit that I use for my playthroughs. So much better than vanilla.. I think it’s just right, so I thought I’d share it for anyone who agrees.

The perfect look: how to achieve the exact look in the mod pics

For her eyes: Download and install Corona (See) – Starfield Enhanced Eyes – Replacer
For her skin texture and neck-seam fix as well as microdetails: Download and install STARQUEEN – Starfield Female Skin Textures **NSFW warning**
For her Makeup, Tattoos and more… Andreja – Kiss of the Serpent makeover

What it does:
Replaces almost all of Andreja’s outfit texture files
Converts Andreja’s outfit to 4K Studio Quality, you’ll thank me later 😉
Makes her outfit tastefully skimpy by changing one leg to translucent nylons material.
Eliminates all color banding from bodysuit, Dress, and shoes.
Changes outfit material from crushed velvet, to pattern silk.
Removes a lot of the over wrinkled look of the Vanilla outfit.
Carefully reworked all environment map levels to get just the right look of the different materials.
All new alpha Masks, Diffuse maps, Metallic maps, Specular maps, and Normal Maps.
Really just try it out, there’s Too much goodness to list.


Install manually or with MO2, I may create a fomod with Vortex later. But to be honest, after spending all the time making this, I just don’t feel like F*@#ing around making a fomod… It’s a pain in the ass.


Fireapple Gaming

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File File size
7z FA - Andreja - Kiss of the Serpent - Outfit-1-0 100 MB
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