Andreja – Kiss of the Serpent V1.0

Andreja - Kiss of the Serpent V1.0

My personal choice of slightly Goth/Va’Ruun look for Andreja that I use for my playthroughs. I think it fits her backstory and personality just right, so I thought I’d share it for anyone who agrees.

The perfect look: how to achieve the exact look in the mod pics

For her eyes: Download and install Corona (See) – Starfield Enhanced Eyes – Replacer
For her skin texture and neck-seam fix as well as microdetails: Download and install STARQUEEN – Starfield Female Skin Textures **NSFW warning**
For the outfit: Download and install FA – Andreja Kiss of the Serpent – Outfit

What it does:

ESM and texture files.. so no extra install steps or face switching, just set it and forget it.
Hand painted custom face-gen textures
Unique hand drawn makeup and lipstick.
Unique Va’Ruun themed tribal Serpent Tattoo on her neck.
Green eyes, because they are ohhh soooo seductive and hypnotic.
Clears complexion (removes some moles, not all, and tones down the rest so they aren’t her main feature anymore.)
Adds a little more muscular shading to her face while enhancing her more youthful Asian features.
Adds friendly animation Archetype so she acts a little more feminine. mostly… (removing her default caused her not to give gifts, so I put it back and sometimes it still overrides and makes her sit like a trucker.
Adds flirtatious facial Animation Archetype so she looks (less Robotic) much more sultry. Kind of a Femme-Fatale thing going on.
Updated her crimes list to ignore murder, because… she’s a killer Queeeen, Dynamite like a laser beam, guaranteed to blow your mind!! Seriously though.. she still hates murdering civilians and faction guards. The crime response is scripted and shared by all constellation members and Elite Crew. The only way I could make her give no f*@#s at all was to remove the ‘Crime Response’ scripting completely, but that messed with all of constellation sooo… I had to leave the scripts alone, It is what it is. I tried everything I could think of.
Added her to Va’Ruun faction
Updated her pronoun. Unsure to what effect, hoping there is something in ‘keywords’ that helps with the assignment of the more feminine animations.


Fireapple Gaming

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File File size
7z FA - Andreja - Kiss of the Serpent-1-0 10 MB
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