Sexy AF – Mark I Space Suit Retex V1.0

Sexy AF - Mark I Space Suit Retex V1.0

A total overhaul, Studio Quality retexture, remaster, reimagining of the Mark I space suit in 4K/2K mix.

What it is:

My personal MARK I retexture that I use for my playthroughs. So much better than vanilla.. I think it’s just right, so I thought I’d share it for anyone who agrees.

Why: Because Walter Stroud paid for it.

Anyone who has spent any time in the ship builder knows that Walter Stroud and Stroud Ecklund are not shy about flaunting their logos. As the financier of Constellation I don’t think the design of Constellation’s flagship signature Mark I suit would be any different. So here you go Walter, the highest quality materials and an in your face design reminiscent of a Marvel Superhero suit.

But.. It’s not skimpy, it’s not lewd: What is sexy about it?

As a texture and graphic artist, I think quality textures are sexy as f*@#, nuff said. But if you want more feminine curves, the mod pics were shot using the Thicc Mark 1 Spacesuit mod.

What it does:

Replaces almost all of the Mark I outfit texture files
Hand painted designs and details
AI upscaling of existing Mark I textures
Reworked Metallic maps to give that oh so sexy shine.
Hand painted helmet with more of the gloss of a motorcycle helmet, Evel Kneivel would be proud.
If the light hits just right, Constellation Logo is smoked into the Helmet glass *See pic 3
Changes all metal to coated Platinum material
Does not remove weathering and make the suit brand new. I hate brand new ‘The SIMS’ looking stuff in games, it’s immersion breaking. (OMG!!! Do not even get me started on the flood of SIMS outfit mods in Skyrim… chokes back vomit!)


Install manually or with MO2, I may create a fomod with Vortex later. But to be honest, after spending all the time making this, I just don’t feel like F*@#ing around making a fomod… It’s a pain in the ass.


Fireapple Gaming

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7z FA - SexyAF - Mark I Retex-1-0 113 MB
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