Brutal Motions V1.0

Brutal Motions V1.0

A complete overhaul of the NPC death motions in RDR2, with heavy focus on brutality.

Mod Showcase:

Key Features

Hyper-Realistic Physics:

Rebuilt from the ground up, ragdoll now react with unprecedeted authenticity to every force and impact

Characters stumble, roll, and contort in ways that mirror real-world physic

Explosion, including dynamite blast, now behave as expected, with added realism. Expect characters to be blown farther, and upcoming gore changes for a more immersive scene

Improved Outcomes:

Every encounter is now a unique spectacle, as ragdoll react dynamically to every shot, punch, and fall

No two shootout will ever look the same, as bodies crumple in unexpected ways

Enhanced Combat:

Gunfights become even more intense as enemies react realistically to every bullet

Reworked shot impact, bodies recoil, stagger, and crumple to the ground with visceral force

Installation: Put “Brutal Motions” in your lml folder!

Not compatible with other mods that edit the file “physicstasks.ymt”!
That includes “PDO extended features” in your lml folder
Using it with an incompatible mod may cause crash



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