Authority apparel wardrobe V1.6

Authority apparel wardrobe V1.6

This mod contains several apparel and uniforms replacers for various security and military factions (SysDef, NCPD, UCSEC, UCN, FSR)

Decided to share my textures replacers for the different security forces around the galaxy, for now it offers a UC SysDef. For now it alters the Generic Security uniform, the neon city guard uniform and the UC Security uniform, UC Navy fatigues, Akila Security outfits, flighsuits and much more.

– UC Sysdef armor
– UC Navy fatigues redesigns
– New berets for UC navy hats (logos and markings)
– Neon City Security Armor (NCPD)
– UCSEC uniform overhaul (New font, darker colors and fix for the arm patch)
– Added a deputy patch on the Akila Security outfit and I swapped their hat model for the ranger hat
– Updated the security flightsuit with UV navy markings

Highly recommend to use with my other mod
UC Spacesuits Wardrobe (WIP)
Rangers! I changed the uniforms to match the one seen under the amazing Ranger Dustwear – Darker Texture by kingqueenjack (Trench coat not included in my mod) Highly recommend you check out his other ranger mods!


Extract the Data folder from the archive to your …\Documents\my games\Starfield folder.

Make sure your StarfieldCustom.ini includes the following lines:



Alex Ashfold

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