Ships Value Increased for Sell V2.0

Ships Value Increased for Sell V2.0

Finally you can sell your ship for a reasonable price
No more low profits.

For the moment this mod affect all items to sell,I’m looking for the exact command line to fix this

*Recommended use this mod* Lower Ship Registration Fee

**Added Version with Lower Ship Registration Fee**

Only if you have the earlier method please delete ShipsValueAjust.txt locale in Starfield’s base folder (where the exe is located), or just open ShipsValueAjust.txt and delete “SetGS fVendorSellPriceMult 0.5”
In Documents Folder open StarfieldCustom.ini and delete
in [General] line.

*Open 1.Starfield installation Folder, copy ShipsValueAdjustON.txt, ShipsValueAdjustOFF.txt and paste into Starfield’s base folder (where the exe is located).

*Open 2.Starfield Documents Folder,copy StarfieldCustom.ini and paste into your Documents/My Games/Starfield.
If you already have StarfieldCustom.ini just add this command line:

How to open the console in game?
Pressing the ‘`’ Grave key on UK keyboards, or the ‘~’ Tilde key on US keyboards, this should be below the ‘ESC’ key on the top left-hand corner of both UK and US keyboards.
Press again the key for exit the console

Turn ON Mod: Type “bat ShipsValueAdjustON” (NO QUOTES) and press Enter.

Turn OFF Mod: Type “bat ShipsValueAdjustOFF” (NO QUOTES) and press Enter.

You can change the full sell value of the ship,just open ShipsValueAdjustON.txt and change the number for the value you want.
0.1 = 10%
0.2 = 20%
0.3 = 30%
0.4 = 40%
0.5 = 50%
0.6 = 60%
0.7 = 70%
0.8 = 80%
0.9 = 90%
1.0 = 100%

Only if you have more mods with this line: [General]
in your StarfieldCustom.ini (Locale in Documents) you need stacks this mods in one file .txt into your Starfield base folder (where the exe is located) and it should look like this

Ships Value Increased for Sell V2.0

And in your StarfieldCustom.ini locale in Documets only one command line text like this

Ships Value Increased for Sell V2.0



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