Collyrium Redone – Visual and Weather Overhaul V1.0

Collyrium Redone - Visual and Weather Overhaul V1.0

Changes the weather system and visuals of Red Dead Redemption 2

Changes all timecycles and aims for a more realistic day and night brightness while improving the lighting system and going for realistic qualities such as denser fog, more god rays, and realistic wind speeds for harsher weathers
Improved lighting system, noticeable on all local lights as seen in town, and campfires
Overhauled all weather particles, including snow, hail, rain, and sleet, aiming to make them more realistic all while aiming for a more alive atmosphere
Snow glints altered to be more realistic
Changes in foam density and foam decay rate for oceans and rapid moving streams or rivers
Changes to visualsettings.dat that heavily improve TAA (lower sharpening for best experience), light emission, and water reflections.

Added custom particles such as heavy rain particles for a new timecycle
New timecycles/weathers such as haze, moderate winds, heavy rain, and windy

Changed weather transitions to be slower and more believable
Changed weathers present and the chance of them happening in different regions of the map
Changed cloud types and gravity for particles

To install you need Lenny’s Mod Loader and to drag CollyriumRedone to the LML folder.



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