Real Guns V1.0

Real Guns V1.0

This mod removes all mentions and instances of fake gun brands and fake ammunition brands from Red Dead Redemption 2 by changing the in-game names of all guns (including unique and worn versions) to their real names, editing the descriptions of every gun in the compendium, replacing the names of all fake ammunition brands with “_” so that they don’t appear in the catalogue, and editing the catalogue page textures of all 23 gunsmith guns so that they don’t have fake gun brand names on them. Engravings still appear on some weapons when they aren’t customized, but the engravings are not noticeable, and all gun compendium pages state that the engravings were not added by the gun manufacturers. The names of fake gun brands still appear in some paintings, but they are no longer gun manufacturers thanks to this mod.

INSTALLATION: Download the mod file, extract it, and put the lml folder in your Red Dead Redemption 2 game directory. You need Lenny’s Mod Loader and ScriptHook for this mod to work.



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