Best TAA and Visual Effects V1.8

Ultra-sharp TAA V1.1

Best TAA and Visual Effects is intended primarily for players who play the game with an upscale of 1.5, 1.75 or higher (in the game settings) Also works great using DSR and DLDSR technologies. Or use real 2k/4k monitors!

✔️FPS + -absolutely the same as in the stock version of the game (But the difference is calasal)
✔️The mod is fully compatible with the mod: “Visual Redemption” by Razed. You should simply delete the “visualsettings.dat” file from the “Visual_Redemption” folder in your LML directory.
✔️This TAA fix is equal in quality to anti-aliasing: MSAA 2x. At the same time, it is much more productive!
✔️Higher rendering of objects at all distances in the game
✔️Trees now have more volume
✔️Higher terrain detail
✔️Very flexible TAA sharpening scale (If you want a less sharp image, you should decrease TAA sharpness)
✔️Better detail for pedestrians and animals
✔️People and horses now spawn at long distances
✔️Grass quality at all distances in the game has a clearer outline

Now you no longer need texture packs with high-poly objects that will cause frame rate drops when using a not-so- expensive graphics card, or have texture loading before your eyes! I also recommend you use my free ReShade Preset:

Through extensive testing and tweaking, I was able to increase the draw distance of objects, especially trees. Also the distance of the appearance of pedestrians, horses and other objects at a greater distance. If you’re playing on PC, remember that people and animals used to be downloaded over long distances, with the latest Rockstar updates, this thing is broken. This add-on will help solve the problem.

Attention! This assembly is an early version and may have some bugs, treat it with understanding!

WARNING: 👇The screenshots use my own preset for ReShade: “Red Dead Vision”, details on my server 👇
Subscribe to my Discord server: to follow and stay updated!

❌Some people may find these settings too sharp (However, people who like a clear picture and know how to play with scaling will be delighted with the detail)

unpack the entire contents of the archive into the”lml”folder.

WARNING: At the start of the game, you should have an option on the tab: “TAA Antialiasing”set to”High”.

If you already have a file: “visualsettings.dat” in the LML package, then the mod may not work! Therefore, before installation, you need to delete the file with the same name.

Asi Loader
Lenny’s Mod Loader
Script Hook
Blackwater Terrain Textures Overhaul
Terrain Textures Overhaul



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