Crimson Overdrive V1.0

Crimson Overdrive V1.0

Removes some bleedout limits resulting in more gory gunfights

This is a very simple mod that just removes the limitations Rockstar put on the bleedout system. Originally, mission NPCs can’t bleedout even if you shoot them in a vital organ or use a mod that increases the bleedout chance to 100% in every shot. My mod changes that. Now every NPC can bleedout in any circumstance.

My mod already includes a 100% bleedout chance so there’s no need to use Realistic Combat Overhaul (100% bleedout version) or any other similar mod.

Varmint rifles, bolas and melee weapons are unaffected by this, since they shouldn’t be causing bleedouts in the base game and I don’t wanna interfere with that.

Just put this mod’s folder inside the lml folder that should be in your RDR2 directory.



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