Optional Temple Quests V1.0

Optional Temple Quests V1.0

You no longer have to do most of the temples. When you cross the Unity, any powers that are missing will automatically get added/upgraded.

Optional Temple Quests – The only temple that you need to do is the one tied to the Into the Unknown quest (this one grants the Anti-Gravity Field power). This means that you can completely ignore any Power From Beyond quests. Barrett’s Worlds Apart quest (which grants Parallel Self) is also optional. Just don’t talk to him after finding out about the Unity which is when this quest starts.
Powers Automatically Granted/Upgraded – After crossing the Unity, the mod checks for any missing powers and determines what level they should be based on how many times you’ve entered the Unity. It will then automatically upgrade your powers and add any missing powers. Phased Time is always given at the Buried Temple but if you choose to use the console command “Setstage 0024EF9C 1” to skip straight to the Unity, Phased Time will be given/upgraded as well.
Maxed Powers: Once all powers are level 10, the quest in this mod that upgrades them is shut down so it is dormant at that time (do not uninstall the mod though as it’s never a good idea to uninstall any mod mid playthrough).

If you don’t want any Power From Beyond quests, check out my No More Temples in NG Plus mod instead.

I will not include installation instructions. This mod is no different than any other you may have already installed. If you do not know how to install mods for Starfield, I suggest looking for one of the many guides online for how to setup Starfield for modding. Teach a man to fish and all that.

No More Temple Puzzles OR Short Temple Puzzles



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