Accessible Apparel Extended – AAE V1.1

Accessible Apparel Extended - AAE V1.1

Extends Accessible Apparel to cover all clothing, including an optional spacesuit distribution.

Accessible Apparel Extended

Before any details, a quick note. You don’t need to use my Clothing and Spacesuit Fixes mod alongside this, as all of those fixes are incorporated into this!


After discovering the original Accessible Apparel, I really liked the way the mod made it possible to collect more of the clothing in the game, especially as some of it isn’t available to the player. However, it didn’t cover all of the clothing, so I wanted to extended it make it possible to collect all the clothing, though some will be locked behind quests and be rare to get.

In keeping with the original mod, I renamed a number of clothing items to give them more generic names rather than being specifically named after NPCs, along with improving some of the names in Accessible Apparel, and correcting issues with a few names of items in the base.

In the midst of doing all of that, I also discovered four clothing items that could be reimplemented. Here they are, and how to get them:

Clean Suit – Available where Hazmat Suits can be found
Courier Hat – Available where the Padded Hat can be found
Miner Hard Hat – Available where Graviplas Helmets can be found
UC Navy Officer Hat – Available alongside the UC Navy Officer Uniform


While Accessible Apparel largely doesn’t cover spacesuits outside of a few instances, and there are fewer special spacesuit sets, it felt appropriate to apply the same treatment to those, to make them more accessible, especially as it would now allow you to give your companions some of the more special suits without having to use console commands. Some of the special and unique suits are set up to be incredibly rare, as it felt appropriate with the uniqueness of them, but there’s still a chance to get them after completing their quests.

Similarly to the clothing, I changed the names of some items, though these were largely to fix issues or make the names of some items more distinct.

Along with all of that, I also made a number of fixes and improvements to spacesuits, the most notable being that all spacesuits can now spawn as Superior, instead of only some.

Accessible Apparel – Required
Plugins.txt Enabler – Required to load
Starfield Community Patch – Required


Original by Galle5 – Extended by frogs345

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