Faster Deadeye V1.0

Faster Deadeye V1.0

I didn’t know what else to call this mod but basically this mod speeds back to no slow motion when shooting at marked targets in deadeye.

This is NOT like rdr1 dead eye! I’ll try to make that version soon.

After tagging one or more targets in deadeye, press and HOLD the shoot trigger. during this, the game will switch to real time speed as your character aims and shoots at marked targets. (note: you can still shoot in slow motion if you dont hold the trigger, allowing you to control the time when shooting at or between marked targets)

Go to the Ability Cards mod and download the “Non Slow Motion Dead Eye” main file from it.

After that put the “replace” folder (from the “Non Slow Motion Dead Eye” mod.) into your “lml” folder.

Then put “FasterDeadeye.asi” into the rdr2 game folder.



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