Ferry Restored V1.0

Ferry Restored V1.0

This mod restores a feature that was supposed to be in the base game, a Ferry. You can go to a post office, buy a ticket and travel to St Denis/Blackwater through the Lannahechee River

Mod Features:
– Buy a ticket (15$) in one of the Ferry blips added by this mod. Note you must be in St Denis/Blackwater and at least within 500 meters for the blip to show
– Immersive cutscene during the Ferry travel
– Added 2 smuggler peds that will smuggle you to Guarma for a 100$ fee
– Added sailor ped in Guarma that will take you back to the main land

Put the asi in your RDR2 __cpLocation

Don’t quit the game while in Guarma. Your main horse will not spawn there upon restart. Make sure to go back to the main map through the Sailor before quitting

Worthful Tropical Hunting



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